Jim Cohen Judaica

About Jim Cohen

Thanks for visiting this site. I'm proud of the work shown and want to let you know something more about me. I came to metalsmithing in the early 1990's as I was concluding a career as an attorney. By day I was a suit-wearing attorney in the Pentagon and by night I was a student metalsmith at community arts centers. Today the suits are behind me and I am proud to be a full-time metalsmith, active in all parts of that community.

My making is a crucial part of my career. I also speak, am active in the professional organizations that support metalsmithing and judaic arts, and am proud to be an adjunct faculty member teaching metal arts. I believe that part of being a metalsmith, or any profession one values, is the responsibility to insure that there is a generation of makers/doers to continue the work that one values.

All my work is signed. Signing a piece is the last thing I do. My signature says its done, its good, and I'm proud of the piece and you'll be proud to own it.

In addition to judaica I make both hollowware; vessels such as teapots or cookware, sterling silver serving pieces, and gold and silver jewelry inspired by Alexander Calder and Ronald Hayes Pearson. You can see this work by visiting my other website, www.jimcohenmetals.net.

A complete pdf. art vita is available here.